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Primary visual cortex encodes orientation-invariant attributes of complex images: Mice CAN see, better than previously appreciated!

When Mar 03 2017 09:00 EST
Where Mellon Institute Social Room
Who Patricia Stan

Graduate Student, Kuhlman-Lab, Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract: Significance: Using population decoding algorithms we discovered that attribute-invariance is represented at the earliest stages of cortical processing. This is interesting because invariance, a key aspect of object recognition that is typically studied as size-invariance or object rotation-invariance, is thought to be a property that emerges at higher cortical areas, rather than V1.

Here, we designed a novel paradigm to reveal that unexpectedly, invariant attributes can in fact be represented in V1. Thus, V1 neurons do more than merely edge-detection, as the texts books would have you think! Future studies will explore the role of top-down feedback and experience in developing this capacity.