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The eighth international workshop on Statistical Analysis of Neural Data (SAND8) will take place May 31-June 2, 2017

When Jun 02 2017 09:00 EDT
Where University of Pittsburgh

SAND8 will begin with a morning-long panel discussion on “Emerging Challenges of Brain Science Data,” and will end with several talks that connect statistical analysis to mathematical modeling. In between there will be keynote talks by senior investigators and shorter presentations by junior investigators, the latter selected on a competitive basis. There will also be a poster session, to which all participants are invited to contribute. Talks and posters may involve new methodology, investigation of existing methods, or application of state-of-the-art analytical techniques. In addition, there will be a lunchtime discussion devoted to opportunities and challenges for women in computational neuroscience.

Confirmed keynote lecturers, panelists, and discussants include the following: Genevera Allen, Rice; Marlene Behrmann, CMU; Emery Brown, MIT/Harvard Medical School; Elizabeth Buffalo, U. Washington; Anne Churchland, Cold Spring Harbor; Peter Dayan, Gatsby; Alain Destexhe, CNRS, France; Adrienne Fairhall, U. Washington; Sonja Grun, Julich Institute, Germany; Alon Korngreen, Bar-Ilan, Israel; Mark Kramer, Boston U.; Andrew Leifer, Princeton; Brian Litt, Penn; Katherine Nagal, NYU; Jonathan Pillow, Princeton; Sridevi Sarma, Johns Hopkins; Aarti Singh, CMU; Andreas Tolias, Baylor; Timothy Verstynen, CMU.

Any young investigator interested in presenting their work as a talk should submit an abstract by MARCH 1. Requests for travel support are due MARCH 15. Please see our website:

This workshop series is concerned with analysis of neural data of all kinds, ranging from anatomy to electrophysiology, to neuroimaging. It aims to define important problems in neuronal data analysis and useful strategies for attacking them; foster communication between experimental neuroscientists and those trained in statistical and computational methods encourage young researchers, including graduate students, to present their work; and expose young researchers to important challenges and opportunities in this interdisciplinary domain, while providing a small meeting atmosphere to facilitate the interaction of young researchers with senior colleagues. We are especially interested in attracting to this workshop computationally-oriented neuroscience who are females, under-represented minorities, or persons with disabilities.

The organizers are Emery Brown, Elizabeth Buffalo, Rob Kass, Liam Paninski, Sri Sarma and Jonathan Victor.